Please Shoot me!

My step kid is on tumblr now. I made her unfollow me. This is my private hate space. I get to think on the outside. Besides… I saw her theme.. FAIL! And if I have to look at one more fucking weheartit bullshit repost I may run amoke!

unadmirable-intent said: I just tumbled you mom. ha <3

and I am blocking you.

fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck it’s 2012!


omg i came home drunk and my mom was awake ugh pretending to be sober is the worst but i met this guy who is a vegetarian 2 and omg we cuddled tonight so preciuous i lost a follower when i posted a pic of me does that mean i am ugly? i guess so idk well i don’t currrrrrr lol w.e :0)

no, you’re not ugly, they just thought you were a guy. now they are sad, cause you’re a girl. Happy New Years! oh, and cuddle carefully - they may look different tomorrow when you’re sober!!


i lied im not going to bed im going to sit here and listen to coldplay and cry

as much as I actually like coldplay…. go to bed, get up, get dressed, get life.

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im a big whiny baby who cant handle life 

yup! so grow a pair and kick life’s ass already! really!

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ericwhoreman - passed out cold on couch

tumblr mom - still awake…..

just sayin’

who kicks ass?

BTW annoymous is for

chicken shit pussies


i hate raspberries

that’s okay. raspberries hate you too.

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shitmysonsmomsays started following you

Hello. Welcome to the shit pile that is this tumblr profile. I’m sure you will unfollow soon and I just want to say you are really cool and I like your words of wisdom and stuff.

PS Your son would reach Adonis tier on the attractive scale if he shaved his mustache. 

I rarely unfollow. No worries there pumpkin. And yeah, he doesn’t really have a moustache. He’s pretty kool for my kid…

not sure if it’s wisdom or just experience. Smile! Life could be worse. It could be 1984 with no internet!!

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